AmigaOS v2.3 released!

:loudspeaker: AmigaOS and ADK v2.3.0 Release

:rocket: We have released a new version of our AmigaOS and Amiga Development kit! starting today, your Brains will receive major performance updates, new tool control features, and a robust RUST backbone.

what’s changed since v2.2.0:

  • Amiga Service: former recorder, gps, and oak services are now under farmng-amiga.service and implemented in RUST. This ensure better resource utilization and faster boot up time.
  • Real time video streaming via WebRTC.
  • RGB and mono (night/low light) camera visualization: vivid image and low light visualization on Autoplot web app (press “N” :sunglasses:)
  • Tool control: Autoplot now let you control your H-bridge and/or PTO tool.
  • Teleoperation: control your Amiga from you keyboard, a kartech controller, or an 8-BitDo controller.
  • Digital Twin: access a digital twin of your Amiga at any browser. Just enter your robot-name or IP address in your browser.
  • Settings reorganized in Launcher: GPS, PoE, Recorder, etc. are now in one place under settings.
  • Lot s of new examples on tool control on our docs.

Breaking changes:

The template for custom apps (manifest.json ) had a minor change. The http_gui_port field is now app_route and expects a string value, hence Make sure you use " " on your port number.

What to do next?

All Brains will automatically be updated. Check more details about this update at our Release Notes page. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback on this update, contact us here, at, or Book your support call here.

Hi @MScatolin-farm-ng , is there a way that we can subscribe to get emails with the release note updates when they happen?

Hey George,

Not up to now. I feel like we are speeding up our dev pipeline and we might consider doing something like this. I’ll keep you posted . Thanks for the suggestion!