Amiga not responding to ROS commands

I was following the ROS live stream. I was trying to control the rover with command velocities from my terminal. I am not able to do so. I checked the message passing by doing an echo command and there are no messages sent to the rover from the rqt_robot_steering.
Please help me with what is wrong with the process and how can I rectify it. I have attached a screenshot for your reference.


Good question! I think this will be a common one so I’ll give some general debugging notes while helping you resolve this.

In general when debugging the connection between multiple ROS machines:

  1. I like that you checked the /amiga/cmd_vel topic with rostopic info from your PC. You can also check that from a second terminal in the ros container on the amiga. Make sure to properly set the ROS_MASTER_URI & ROS_IP in the second amiga ros terminal. I would also follow it up with a rostopic echo to see if there is a stream after checking rostopic info.
  2. You can check the /amiga/vel topic from your PC to see if it is getting the stream from the ros bridge on the amiga (this one might be better as a rostopic echo).
  3. You could also check the /amiga/vel topic from the second amiga terminal.

OK, specifically for you:

Assuming the IP addresses you’ve used are correct, it looks like you configured the ROS_MASTER_URI & the ROS_IP correctly on your PC. Can you please share how you set these in the ros container of the amiga as well (since those are off screen in the bottom left terminal)?

Also on your screenshot, it looks like you are on a wired connection? Can you please confirm your PC is on the same wifi network as the amiga and is not on a separate wired connection? Both devices need to be on the same network.

– Kyle