Can we trade you full autonomy + ROS drivers for time on your Machine? :)

Hey all!

Ilia from Polymath Robotics here. We are bringing autonomy to industrial vehicles (farming, mining, forestry, etc). Polymath YouTube Channel

We hosted part of the farm-ng team at our site yesterday, and got to chatting about ROS and autonomy.

Polymath Robotics would love to bring our autonomy API to users of the Amiga, but we need a robot + human time to test the autonomy.

So: I’m looking for a development partner to work with us to get ROS1/2 (likely 2, depending on sensor drivers, etc) working on their robot, and we’ll deploy autonomy to it. Reply here if interested.

I also want to gauge how many users of the Amiga want/need full autonomy (GPS navigation, obstacle avoidance, safety system, simple to use REST API for control), so chime in here with a +1 if you are interested.

Ilia B.