Connecting to farmng with my computer using canbus

The amiga farmng works fine with the pendant but as soon as I plug in my computer for the canbus communication, the motors are shown as unhealthy. can someone suggest what can be the possible reason for this

Hi @BetiGohain, thanks for your question.

So, generally, when connecting anything to the CAN bus bring it down, we suggest two things:

  • Make sure you are using a 250 kbps BAUD rate.
  • Double check your hardware misconnections, shorts on CAN_hi and CAN_low, bad grounding, etc.

While we cannot possibly test every CAN tool out there, one that we use extensively is PCAN with an DB9 extension.

CAN USB - PCAN-USB Adapter - No Isolation – Grid Connect

Thank you very much for your reply. I changed the connection, and now it’s working fine. The code is working now. It takes velocities but does not change the velocities of the motor. can you suggest what might be the issue.