Kivy vs React for custom Amiga Brain app

As I understand, farm-ng is moving away from Kivy and the Amiga Brain’s built-in apps are now built with React. Will Kivy-based custom apps still be supported for the foreseeable future? I find Kivy easier and faster to use for simple apps (no need for separate client/server processes and communication, and all app state is centralized), though React is more familiar and better for more complex UI. I am just wondering as I’d like to be prepared for future updates to Amiga OS.

Hi @genkikondo ,

I’m glad you asked! Kivy apps are and will continue to be supported into the foreseeable future. We re-instated support for custom kivy apps in AmigaOS release v2.1 and have no plans to remove that.

As you noted, we have ported all of our built-in apps to react. This is for a few reasons, including developer experience, that it is more perfomant, it is better for complex UI, and it removes some hurdles of running asyncio tasks alongside the kivy.Clock. But for simple apps, there is nothing wrong with sticking with kivy!

We have instructions and examples for both, starting with:


– Kyle

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