Microcontroller kit issue

Hi Kyle,

We bought an Amiga last February and just received our controller - I followed the Microcontroller Kit Overview | Farm-ng Developers and updated the ‘code.py’ to use the sample in your github. All the libraries were also uploaded at the CIRCUITPY folder. I used the hello_main_loop.

I have this error on my mu serial saying -

ImportError: no module named ‘farm_ng’
Code done running.

Let me know if I missed something.



PS. I did not connect the microcontroller yet to Amiga and our Amiga do not have a brain - just the dashboard.

Hello Joe,

It seems like the lib/ folder might not have been correctly uploaded onto the feather.

Please see here:

And share a screen shot of the contents of the mounted CIRCUITPY drive, like the one you see after instructions step 2.

— Kyle