Specs for motor and motor controller

Sorry if you have this somewhere in the manual, but I haven’t been able to find the spec sheet for the motors and motor controllers.


Hi Ingrid, Sorry for the late response.

We are gradually adding the specs for our parts. We are careful here because the firmware and pin outs for the motor controller are customized, therefore most of the information would not be applicable.

The motors are 250W, 36V nominal with a 11:1 gear reduction inside the wheels, and hall sensors for RPMs.

The controllers are powered by our 48V batteries, communicating via can bus (we use CANOpen standard on our messages), and inputs for our E-STOP circuit for safety.

That said, we want your experience working with our platform to be as smooth as possible, reducing (if not eliminating) the needs to worry about hardware details and focusing on your application. So, if you can share what are you trying to accomplish with this information I can better assist you.

let me know if you need anything else.