VirtualJoystick example with STATE_MANUAL_ACTIVE

hi, I’m trying the VirtualJoystick example:

By default, the canbus requires STATE_AUTO_ACTIVE

I’m trying to see the different possibilites and run with STATE_MANUAL_ACTIVE. Is that event possible ? Main reason is that I wanted to see if you could pass the barrier to manually activate the robot control by code.

My current I’m currently launching the app via wifi connection as follows:

python3 --address --camera-port 50051 --canbus-port 50060

Also I’m seeing that the velocities are zeros when i press the joystick in any direction. Is that normal ?

By design, you can’t switch the Amiga’s Dashboard into AUTO_ACTIVE unless a user has pressed a button on the touch screen to make the Dashboard enter the AUTO_READY state. See Amiga Control States | Farm-ng Developers

This is really a safety issue; the machine can’t be controlled by another computer until an operator confirms that this is the intent.

I see, thanks for the answer.

I was confused by the meaning of state_req parameter in the sender canbus message.