Amiga Brain Wi-Fi Requirements


I’m trying to provide internet connection to the Amiga Brain through a hotspot. Some hotspots were able to connect normally (Hotspot from Android), but I cannot connect to the hotspot of the LTE router I’m currently using.

Other devices, except for the Amiga Brain, can connect to the hotspot without any issues. I’d like to know if the Amiga Brain is somehow blocking the hotspot connection, or if there are any specific hotspot settings compatible with the Amiga Brain. I’ve attached a photo related to this. Thank you!

Hey @Heesup_Yun

We have not seen problems like this before. Could you please share the model of your hotpot and your wifi configs (security settings)?

I also met this issue for a while last time. I just restarted the Brain several times then the Brain could connect to the hotspot.