AmigaOS v1.3.0 released

:loudspeaker: [AmigaOS v1.3.0 Release]

:rocket: We have released an AmigaOS v1.3.0 update, the operating system and development kit for the Farm-ng Amiga platform.

What’s Changed since v1.3.0

  • APT package persistence during AmigaOS upgrades
    • Create a custom list of APT packages per container
  • Progress status and restored functionality Updater App
  • Improve stability in the Gallery App
  • Improve reliability of the CANBUS service
  • Rename Devices to Services in Config Window
  • Individual File selection in File Mover

What to do next?

Schedule a meeting time with the Farm-ng team to update your Amiga. You can do this by emailing with your name, best contact and availability. Along with that information please submit your current version, and machine name.

By upgrading to our new v1.3.0 container-manager based back-end we are able to provide a layer of customization to the existing Amiga-Apps and ROS Bridge containers.

Happy updating! :rocket:

>_ The Amiga ADK team

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