Autopilot app development

Hi All,

We are planning to operate the AMIGA system using GPS points on a farm. The documentation only mentions autoplot. I am curious if there are any existing applications developed for running the system based on pre-planned GPS locations. If not, what are the possible ways to develop such applications?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Dr. Reddy, thanks for your question!

Yes, you can develop your own application. I believe the Record a Track and the Follow a Track examples on our documentation will be useful for you.

Long story short, a track is a sequence of poses that your robot will follow. On those examples above, we record them in a json file and later fetch and parse that data sending the proper messages for the motors to move.

Autoplot is just an application that ships with all Brains and uses the code on the examples, but presenting it on a nice GUI.

does that answer your question?