Installinng Recorder App

Hi, I have a Amiga Brain on my desk to develop an custom camera integration for another Amiga at the field. But the Brain doesn’t have any apps installed.

  1. How can I install the apps like Recorder App, or File App?

  2. Where can I find the source code for the Recorder App? Is it also a open-source?

Thank you!

Hey @Heesup_Yun , thank you for your question.

I see that you have a Brain that is using an RTK image. RTK and Amiga Brains share the hardware, but they provide different functionalities: the latter is the one we use to control our robots, the former provides GPR corrections to an Amiga Brain via CRTM messages.

Therefore, the RTK Brain does not come with any pre-installed apps. As you have ssh access to that brain, you could technically build services and make it work, but this would be very impractical and not sustainable.

Because the hardware is similar, we can technically change that Brain to act as an Amiga Brain, but that would actually make it stop acting as an RTK Base Station. In exchange, you would have access to our EventServiceClient and could publish custom hardware messages from cameras different than the OAKs. You would have to weight the differences in hardware/capabilities and development time, of course.

let me know your thoughts and if you want me to change it. It would take about 20 min and can be done remotely.


Thank you for your reply. It will also be used as RTK GPS, so I think we should leave the RTK image as it is. So, no app can be installed on the RTK image? Impractical and not sustainable mean that it can conflict with the operation of the RTK image?

Anyway I will bring the brain (with regular image) from the field to the lab and develop it based on this conversation.

Thank you!

Impractical it means you won’t have the services you have on an Amiga Brain running, so you can’t test like it was an Amiga. You could write code to simulate it, but at this point this is no different than developing a robot from scratch.

I would stick to the regular Brain anytime.