Battery load balancing

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    Amiga chassis

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Hello, I’m tasked with configuring an Amiga but it was assembled when I received it. I’m tracing cables to see how each motor connects to the CAN/power and e-stop buses. I noticed the DC terminals for one battery are not connected to the terminals for the other battery (see pic). This is the conduit going from the left side to the right side of the Amiga. However, obviously because all 4 motors are visible to the dashboard, the CAN/power bus from this conduit is connected.

All of our powered devices will be mounted on the right and I’m worried one battery will have greater load than another. Should I connect the batteries in parallel? Is the load already balanced through the CAN/power bus? Thank you.

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The existing batteries are already connected in parallel, and to keep the system simple we chose this path to avoid complexity and keep it flexible.

Ideally you connects packs in parallel that have the same voltage potential. For example just after charging, which significantly reduces any transient current spikes when connecting multiple batteries.

If there is enough voltage difference the transient current spikes could trigger the battery packs BMS to protect itself and disconnect the current path. It is unlikely but possible to blow the fuse.

The red and black Andersons are all in parallel so they should all act similar and connect to the same power bus.

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