Drawing power directly to AMIGA

I am apart of a team participating in the farm-ng challenge and my team and I were wondering how we draw power directly from the batteries on the AMIGA? Or if there was anywhere we could find documentation on this?


You can use the same path as the charger for powering 48v based components. There is also access to the 48v power under each fork cover.

Some things to consider

  • 50v is technically consider “low voltage”, but this is still much greater potential and energy relative to 12/24 vdc systems. Please use caution.
  • Adding a fuse to protect down stream wire an components.
  • Adding devices to the 48v system add to the current consumption, and will reduce battery runtime.
  • Adding devices to the 48v add to total current draw and continuous currents or large transients in power could cause the batteries to shut down.

I do not see an active kit for the Anderson Power Pole connectors on our store. I will look into either providing part numbers or a link to a kit.

I will also help in adding information to the documentation for interfacing with the battery pack.