Amiga displays not receiving power (solved)

This is in reference to another post in support about the amiga detecting the pendant which was referred to becoming a new topic. We tried to find the fuse box to see if we accidentally blew a fuse, but there is no documentation about fuse locations. Additionally we put the original m8 4pin back into the estop and nothing changed: the display would still not turn on. Our plans might have changed and we may be using a separate 24V battery to power our linear actuator, but it still may be useful to know how to wire it into the existing Estop.

This is Carl from the same group. We found a spare fuse in the box that came with the Amiga. The display and brain are up and running again.

There is a fuse on the front left (if looking at the displays) underneath the panel held in by 2 Phillips head screws. It is a 5amp car fuse.