CAN BUS wiring and ESTOP wiring diagram

Can you provide the canbus wiring and Estop wiring diagrams on the Amiga?
Also if you could share the canbus ID for different parts that would be really helpful.

Hello @Amlan_Balabantaray ,

For the CAN ID’s, you can see the topic & node ID’s in the circuitpython API:

If you have specific questions / topics / messages you’re looking for, I can help with those.

Regarding the wiring diagram, you can note the following connections inside a representative fork.

1.CAN cable input
2. CAN Hub
3. Terminating Resistor
4. E-stop T connector
5. ASI connection to wheel motor
6. Power from Main Harness (48v) to 24v Buck converter
7. Power from Main Harness (48v) to motor controller
8. 48v → 24v Buck converter
9. Motor Controller

If you are looking for something more specific, @TravisT can help.


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