CAN Reported Errors


Is there a CAN message available on the Amiga that describes any detected errors/ faults with the machine? I tried looking through the CAN example and source code, but couldn’t see anything. My apologies if it does exist there and I overlooked it.


Hello @sbiggs,

I’d say the easiest way to fetch error codes is directly from your dashboard. We tried to add some verbose explanations to the error codes (click the motor boxes in the error screen for details about each motor), but you can have more info in our Dashboard / Debugging error codes docs page.

Does that answer your question? Do you need a way to fetch this error codes via software?

Hello @MScatolin-farm-ng,

Thanks for the suggestion about the dashboard error codes. I’m hoping that we can get that same type of information to our system that is communicating with the machine via CAN to support our own error reporting system as well. Is this possible?

Hey @sbiggs,

Sorry the late response, I was doing some testing here to make sure I get you the right answer.

So, if you are already listening the CANbus, you will be able to find the motor error codes at address range 0x80 + your motor address, which will be A, B, C or D.

You will notice that the message will be the same as the (0x0000 r 0x00 f 0x00.0x0000 w 0x0000) part described in the Debugging Error Codes mentioned on our docs.

btw, I’ll be updating that section later today to make it more clear.

let us know if this helps!