Where can I find more information on debugging motor related problems?

Where do i look on the display for the power output dropping from specific motors

Hi @Justin ,

Thanks for reaching out on discourse (and keeping the threads for separate topics distinct :slightly_smiling_face: ).

For anyone who has not yet checked out our documentation yet, here are a few links you will find helpful when getting started with the Amiga and understanding the dashboard.

If you are trying to debug error codes you can refer to:

To your question, can you please be more specific on what you are experiencing and what you are looking for? Does “motor related problems” mean your Amiga is entering an e-stop state from a motor fault?

Please let me know.
– Kyle

Yeah everything motor related ever experienced. Internal gearing failures, overheating. Stripping the internal pinion gear, power output dropping.

I’ve read all those docs thanks though. I need more documentation about the motors, everything.