Motor maximum operating temperature

  • What package and version are you using ?
    This relates to the Amiga and Dashboard; I don’t recall the version or firmware, I can locate this later.
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    Hello, I’m just getting set up with the Amiga and was wondering what the maximum operating temperature of the Amiga motors is. I understand there is a cutoff on the dashboard interface temperature indicator that appears to be around 120F or 50C; I believe this will activate the E-stop. Is this accurate? Thank you.

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The dash indicator is more of a “dummy” light to indicate temperatures are rise. 50c is not hot for our motor and it can handle much higher temps before derating happens (closer to 80-90c).

It will not fault when it hits the limit of the dash. First it we derate current/torque, before it faults. One downside is that motors heat soak and could take some time to cool down.

That said I agree that we should widen this range to be more relative to the motor limits. And we will note this change for future release. If you have specific concerns I can review the derating and fault temps.

I hope that helps

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Thank you Travis, sorry for the belated reply, you answered my question.