Communicating with Amiga over Ethernet

Hi Farm-Ng team, I am currently working with the UCSB Farm Challenge Team. We are trying to connect a raspberry pi over POE Switch onboard the Amiga, however the pi is not visible to the brain and the brain is not visible to the pi. The camera is not visible to the raspberry pi either.

Is there a specific port we should be using on the POE swtich? What IP should we be using to reach the brain on the Amiga from the pi? How the Ethernet is configured on the brain? Perhaps, is there an approach to this sort of communication over Ethernet to the brain that is recommended?



A more detailed set of instructions will follow. You may use any of the available switch ports. The bottom four are capable of providing POE power to devices such as the Pi Poe Hat.

We use the network space for Ethernet, cameras, etc.

For you example, you may set a static ip of netmask and gateway of

To avoid conflicts, please use any ip above .100.

Again I will follow up with a more detailed post.



I’ve provided additional details here: Connecting to the Amiga - Ethernet with a picture of the M12 to RJ45 ethernet cable.

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– Chris