OAK camera issue

I got an Amiga yesterday.
I wanted to turn on the intelligence kit, but OAK cameras are not working…
What should I do?

Hey @Aden, I believe we sorted it out over the phone, right?

for others that may land on this topic, what we recommend in such cases is:

  • Check the cables connecting the POE hub to the cameras and to the Brain.
  • remote in via ssh and ping you cameras. Their IP addresses are, with X being the number of that camera. E.g.: oak0 is, oak3 is
  • restart the cameras service (you can use the Brain interface for that)
  • use journalctl to watch the service for errors. e.g.:
    • sudo -u adminfarmng journalctl -fa --user-unit farmng-amiga.service
  • power cycle your POE.

Thank you so much for your reply.
I totally figured it out with you yesterday.
Thank you :slight_smile: