WiFi - Access the MAC Address


The following describes how to retrieve the MAC Address of the Brain WiFi adapter.

If you are unable to connect to the Amiga Brain via WiFi, please configure a machine with an RJ45 port and the included M12 to RJ45 cable as indicated here: amiga-ethernet.

  1. Connect to the Amiga via Ethernet or WiFi (through Hotspot method)
  2. SSH to the Amiga
  • Over WiFi via IP address located on the dashboard
      ssh amiga@
  • Over an Ethernet connection
      ssh amiga@
  1. Type “ifconfig wlan0 | grep ether” without quotes and press Enter.
      ifconfig wlan0 | grep ether
  2. The MAC address of the WiFi adapter is located after the word “ether” in the output. In the following screenshot, the MAC Address would be: 28:d0:ea:89:f4:1d.

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