Spoofing MAC Address for School WiFi


The following describes how to spoof the MAC Address of the Brain WiFi Adapter to connect to school wifi.

Now please be advised this approach should only be taken if you do not have access to your school’s IT department. If you do please reference this post WiFi - Access the MAC Address to access your Brain’s WiFi Adapter MAC to give to your IT Department to allow this device to connect to successfully.

Additionally as a prerequisite to WiFi - Access MAC Address, you will first need to have the MAC Address of your Brain’s WiFi adapter handy.

Once you have obtained that MAC address, depending on your operating system you can access one of the links to follow how to spoof the MAC address.

Windows: Change Mac Address Windows

MAC: Tech 101: Spoofing a MAC address in macOS High Sierra

Linux: How to change or spoof MAC address in Ubuntu? - LinuxForDevices

>_ The Amiga ADK team