Pinout for M12 A-coded connectors on the Amiga switch

I’ve been having a heck of a time trying to wire up an M12 A coded connector that works with the Amigas switch. Do you have a pinout for those connectors? (Standard Cat cable color to pin #)

Hi @Mark_Funderburk ,

This document should have the PoE switch pinouts you are looking for.


If this not sufficient, please share more detail on what exactly you are trying to do and we can give more tailored details.

– Kyle

Ah thank you,

The actual image you posted doesn’t have enough info to terminate a standard cable but the next page in that document has this:

Which is exactly what I needed.

Oddly enough, I had looked up the datasheet for the switch before looking for this very information and it was not in there, so it appears there are different versions floating around.


For those curious, I needed to terminate my own cable to connect the Amiga switch to a remote device on our system with an M12 X-coded connector on the other side. The distance was ~40ft so the same cables for the OAK-d would not have worked.

Glad to hear that contained the information you needed!

I’ve marked your reply as the solution :white_check_mark:

Hi Mark, did you have much difficulty creating the cables? We’ve just had a quote from a local supplier of AUD $450 per cable for 8x ~15ft cables which seems insane.

Also, out of interest, what are you connecting to the Amiga? We’re working with a SICK LMS 4000 LiDAR and a SPECIM FX10 Hyperspectral line scanner.

Making the cable is pretty easy once you know the pinout on each end and have found good quality connectors.

I did find that the pinout in the datasheet was still sort of wrong, but I was able to get it working. I will document and double check what I did and post here later along with part numbers for the connectors and cables I used.

I am connecting to another ethernet switch inside of a waterproof enclosure, I am using an M12 X-coded connector on the enclosure (the same as the oak-d s2 POE cameras use). In the box is many things, but none are particularly relevant to getting the physical Ethernet link going.

The cable is ~40-50ft long and goes through an E-chain on a gantry system.

Thanks Mark,

We’ve ordered some connectors and will have a go. The plan is to measure the pinout as well just to be extra sure.

Appreciate the reply. Cheers.