Where to get extra M12 X-Coded Ethernet to A-coded cable


I am looking to connect an additional Oak-D camera to our POE switch and I need an M12 X to M12 A cable but can’t seem to find them online. Any suggestions of where I could pick a couple up? Or do I need to make my own?


Hi @evergreen-project,

thank you for reaching out!

The cables are custom made, and we have 3 different sizes: 1, 2, and 3 meters long. Let me know which one and quantity you need and we will give a link for purchase.

Great, I would like a 2m & 3m cable. Are these available through the online store and if not will they be eventually? I couldn’t find them when I looked earlier under the developer tools/farm tools pages.

Right now they are not available on our online store, but we are in process of updating our inventory and they will soon be. Nevertheless, we will get in contact with a link to purchase these units asap.

Good morning, @evergreen-project

Here is the link for the cables. I was told we don’t have the 2m ones handy, so, in the interest of time, you can order 2 of the 3 m ones. Does that work for you?

We apologize the inconvenience and will work to get the online shop better!

Have a good week!

That is great, thank you very much!

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Great to hear. Looking forward to see what you guys will be building with it. Reach us out if you have any questions!