Starting up with CAN communication from a Linux laptop


We acquired a FarmNG Amiga recently. I have connected the CAN bus to a Linux laptop equipped with a CAN bus interface for our custom development, i.e we don’t use the amiga brain.

I think I did miss something very important but I started with the following:

  • Setting up and testing my CAN bus connection to read the CAN packets from the dashboard
  • Install farm-ng-amiga, farm-ng-core and farm-ng-package with pip or from source
  • Launch some examples

However, if I understand properly, each example implement a gRPC service client but I am clearly missing the server somewhere. For instance, in the command line I can clearly see that no process is listening on the 6001 port. Maybe I overlooked part of the documentation but I don’t find anywhere on your github how to start this server.

Is there any other library example to read and parse the CAN bus messages (the cicuitpy examples of the amiga dev kit are not very useful to me since I cannot install circuitpy on the computer that I’m using).

Best regards,

Hello @gurbain, thank you for your message.

You are correct that the examples in the Brain examples section use a gRPC client to listen to messages from services implemented in our AmigaOS, which is flashed to the Brain. In this setup, the server is the Brain itself. Additionally, we support development using CircuitPy on some microcontrollers with utilities available in our amiga-dev-kit repository.

Regarding alternate methods, while we encourage and open source our libraries for development, supporting every custom hardware setup is challenging due to the wide variety of possible configurations, so, I’m afraid we would not be able to support you without having a better understand on the application and its commercial viability.

If you would like to discuss your application and its potential commercial viability further, please send us an email at We would be happy to explore how we might assist you.