Tire replacement

I’m considering replacing the provided tires with a turf-style tire to reduce the impact when operating on grass. I understand that the existing 43A6 tires are 4-8, so a 4-8 turf tire such as the Hi-Run WD1083 or Hi-Run WD1149 would be compatible?

Are there specific instructions/considerations for removing wheels/replacing tires (e.g. order of operations, torque for certain bolts/nuts)?

Hi @calderpg,

This is something we’ve experimented with a bit. The bigger issue than the tire tread is the lateral movement from trying to turn in place with a skid steer vehicle kinematics model.

As far as tires smoother tread tires, we’ve used these. They can be a little tricky to get on, but these and the tires that came on the Amiga are tubeless tires so it’s just a matter of popping them on and off. You will have to remove the hub motor and safely pull the higo cable out (and be careful not to bend the exposed pins when it is disconnected). You will use tire irons to pop the bead off and remove the tire like you would a bicycle tire. Seating the bead can be a little tricky, so you might want to head to a tire shop or a local garden supply for help if you’re not experienced in changing tires.

But warning, you will still see the turf damage with these because the Amiga is a skid steer robot.

The better solution for turf operations is to use caster wheels to replace the front or back forks to change the Amiga to a (two-wheel) differential drive kinematics model. This is fully supported in the dashboard firmware by turning off the motors you remove in the settings page (e.g. set m10_on to false). You could build something like this or contact sales@farm-ng.com if you just want to order them from us / inquire about what lead time would be.

I hope this helps.
– Kyle

Thanks for the information. I’m not expecting turf damage to go away, just looking to reduce it a bit - the usual skid-steer techniques of larger radius turns and putting down solid material in areas where tight turns have to be made will still be necessary.