Unable to use File Reader

Followed the instructions on File Reader Example, we can’t read the bin file.

All the dependencies are installed.

Please advice us.

@hoshinotsuki i believe you are in an old branch of both amiga-dev-kit and farm-ng-amiga repositories. We updated this api few months ago and now is quite stable, not planning to update for now.

I suggest to checkout to the latest version 0.0.6, or directly main (subject to changes) and try again to run the example

GitHub - farm-ng/farm-ng-amiga at v0.0.6
GitHub - farm-ng/farm-ng-amiga: Amiga development kit for third party hardware or software extensions

As side note, i see from your screenshot that you are running the script from the amiga-dev-kit/farm-ng-amiga. As pointed out in the documentation, we recommend to clone and work directly on the farm-ng-amiga repo, which is where all the development happens. The submodule in the amiga-dev-kit is just a mirror to generate the api documentation.