What init system does the brain use?

  • What package and version are you using ?
    Brain v1.3.0

  • Please, describe the issues you are seeing ?
    I installed some software that I want to run as background daemons. I queried the init system:

amiga@zinc-apricot:~$ ps 1
1 ? Ss 0:00 bash /usr/local/bin/startup.sh

This does not look like systemd or openrc, but I might be mistaken. I can copy the contents of service files into this script, but I was wondering if there are init tools that I’m unaware of. Is there a benefit to this script? Can I install openrc? Will that break anything? Thanks.

** Any possible information will make the live of the community members easy to reply and provide a solution.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @anb ,

Yes this script is important for the brain at boot. libsystemd-dev should already be installed on your system and I would caution against installing openrc. Running additional default background processes is not inherently supported, but we may be able to help you add these.

Can you be more specific on what daemons / processes you are trying to run?

– Kyle

I’m using the internal WNIC as a wireless access point so I’m adding hostapd, dnsmasq and dhcpcd.

I think it would not be a problem if I simply add the binary path and arguments for these services to the startup script, right?

I’ll try it out and post the results here.

Hello @anb ,

How did the test go?

– Kyle

Sorry, I’m getting my amateur radio technician license to implement radio communication and my partner disassembled the mast to replace all the steel bar stock with aluminum T-slot extrusions, so we’re not going to test anything with the brain kit until our other tasks are met.

If you want to close this ticket, I think adding background services to /usr/local/bin/startup.sh is a satisfactory answer for now. I would like more information about what container service you’re using and how you deploy them, but that’s your prerogative. If I find anything interesting I’ll update the ticket.

Hello @anb ,

That sounds good considering adding tasks to /usr/local/bin/startup.sh is satisfactory for you. The container deployment method is going through a major overhaul for v2.0.0+ releases, so this is currently in flux.

I’ll close out the issue on our end for now.

– Kyle