AmigaOS v1.1.0 released

:loudspeaker: New Announcement!

:rocket: We have released an AmigaOS v1.1.0 update, the operating system and development kit for the Farm-ng Amiga platform.

What’s Changed since v1.0.0

  • We’ve added an AmigaOS updater feature so you can perform updates to future releases independently.
  • The canbus service has been expanded to allow streaming of MotorStates, including RPM, current, voltage, and temperature.
  • Saved custom metadata fields (recorder app) will not be lost in future updates.

What to know

  • This update uses the farm-ng-amiga v0.0.6 release
  • Your custom metadata fields (recorder app) will be lost in this update.
    • This will not happen in future updates.
  • Your installed apt packages will be lost in this update.
    • We are looking into persistence for these in future updates.
  • Anything not saved / nested in your Amiga’s /data/ directory will be lost in this update.
    • Your home directory (~/) is located in /data/ so it is safe!
  • This update will require syncing with the farm-ng support team to apply the update.
    • Future updates you will be able to apply yourself with the updater app :slight_smile:

What to do

  • For this update you will need to coordinate with farm-ng support team to have the update applied.
  • Details will be announced soon on how to coordinate this, along with a pre-update checklist to prevent loss of data, code, and configurations.
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This update sounds great!

This is really a high priority for us and for this reason we are avoiding using the brain for now. Setting up the brain after every update is very time consuming.

@shrijits thanks for this valuable feedback. We’ll definitely work on that to stabilize the updating process.