Farm-ng-amiga v0.0.6 Released

:loudspeaker: farm-ng amiga v0.0.6 Release

:rocket: We have released an farm-ng-amiga v0.0.6 update, the API for intersecting with the AmigaOS services.

What’s changed since v0.0.5

  • Add experimental people detection API
  • Adds the ability to stream MotorStates from the canbus service
    • Contains: RPM, current, voltage, & temperature

What to know

  • This update is fully backwards compatible with v0.0.5
  • This update corresponds to the AmigaOS v1.1.0 release

What to do

  • You can upgrade the farm_ng_amiga package you have installed in your virtual environment with pip install -U farm-ng-amiga
    • If you have a hard coded version of farm-ng-amiga==0.0.5 in your requirements.txt, this will not update. You can change that to farm-ng-amiga, farm-ng-amiga==0.0.6, or farm-ng-amiga>=0.0.6 to upgrade.