CAN Interface Documentation

Is there any documentation we can refer to regarding all the CAN ID’s and their message format?
Cansniffer Example | Farm-ng Developers This documentation does allow us to figure out all the different CAN ID’s but doesn’t provide any information regarding what they are being used for our their data format.
One application for us could be reading the RPM and current draw from the motor controllers or possibly directly controlling the motors for more fine-grained control.


This is not well documented yet. We will create a release that enables you to read the key values from the motors (current, voltage, & rpm) with a target of mid-next week (March 1).

For individual motor control, we are targeting the last week of March to release that functionality.

We will respond in this thread with updates as they come!

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One question: Will you be using this in an app on the brain or on the microcontroller?

Thanks! That’s great to hear
As of now we will either run this on a brain or a seperate compute unit.

Hi @kylecoble,
You mentioned that you will be releasing the function to read motors’ current, voltage and rpm by March 1. I wonder if the features are released yet?

Yes, this feature was released! Sorry we should’ve replied here as well when it was announced last month.

We also have an example available using this called motor_states_stream:

– Kyle