Dashboard Firmware v0.1.8 released

:loudspeaker: Dashboard Firmware v0.1.8 Release

:rocket: We have released an Dashboard Firmware v0.1.8 update, the application layer of the vehicle controller interface for the Farm-ng Amiga platform.

What’s changed since v0.1.7

  • Angular rate now clipped at low speed settings
  • Multiple H-bridge linear actuators are supported
  • Advanced user buttons added
  • Unhealthy motor that causes soft e-stop set to freewheel
  • Various stability improvements and drawing optimizations

What to know

  • The advanced user buttons should only be used when appropriate!
    • Read the warnings fully and understand what they do before using them.
  • At the first five ticks on the speedometer the Amiga will turn slower to compensate for the current speed settings.

What to do

Follow the instructions at Dashboard Firmware Updates | Farm-ng Developers to update when you are ready. You can either perform an over-the-air update or a wired update.