Dashboard Firmware v0.2.0 released

:loudspeaker: Dashboard Firmware v0.2.0 Release

:rocket: We have released an Dashboard Firmware v0.2.0 update, the application layer of the vehicle controller interface for the Farm-ng Amiga platform.

What’s changed since v0.1.9

  • Adds a persistent max velocity setting
  • Adds AmigaTpdo2 / AmigaRpdo2 message streams
    • AmigaTpdo2 adds a stream of a message that contains motor RPMs for all 4 drive motors
    • AmigaRpdo2 allows for auto control of each individual motor based on RPM.
      • NOTE: AmigaRpdo2 auto driving requires a stream of AmigaRpdo1 messages requesting an auto control state while NOT requesting a linear or angular rate of the entire robot.
  • Adds a request / reply protocol to read settings from the dashboard (e.g., wheel track, max velocity, etc.)
  • Redrawn page / on screen selection for H-bridge linear actuators
  • Adds optional H-bridge latching, for toggling H-bridge on and off rather than holding the button down

What to do

Follow the instructions at Dashboard Firmware Updates | Farm-ng Developers to update when you are ready. You can either perform an over-the-air update or a wired update.