Dashboard Firmware v0.1.9 released

:loudspeaker: Dashboard Firmware v0.1.9 Release

:rocket: We have released an Dashboard Firmware v0.1.9 update, the application layer of the vehicle controller interface for the Farm-ng Amiga platform.

What’s changed since v0.1.8

  • Add API for using safety sensors (safety devices that can trigger an e-stop condition, like bumpers)
  • Enable auto control of PTO and H-bridge in AmigaTpdo1 / AmigaRpdo1 auto control messages
  • Indicate AmigaControlState around perimeter of all drawn screens
    • Red: E-stop
    • Green: Cruise control
    • Yellow: Auto Ready
    • Blue: Auto Active
  • Fix a bug that allowed PTO gear ratio to be set to 0

What to do

Follow the instructions at Dashboard Firmware Updates | Farm-ng Developers to update when you are ready. You can either perform an over-the-air update or a wired update.

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