Dashboard Firmware v0.4.0 released

:loudspeaker: Dashboard Firmware v0.4.0 Release

:rocket: We have released an Dashboard Firmware v0.4.0 update, the application layer of the vehicle controller interface for the Farm-ng Amiga platform.

What’s changed since v0.3.0

Added Features

  • Dual PTO support
  • Controller left-right now cycles through available H-Bridges
  • New setting “pendant_deadband” is applied to pendant x & y
  • E-stop screen now shows four buttons for the motors, with human-readable fault codes for each motor
  • Tractor enters E-stop when the Kartech reports a dropped dropped RF link
  • Now displays a “panic” icon on the dashboard when there is no active pendant
  • Language and localization settings now remembered across boots

Improvements / Bug Fixes

  • Increased stability due to smaller memory footprint
  • Speedometer fixes for metric units
  • Fixed slider shading bug after pendant calibration
  • Timekeeping module reworked to avoid 6-day rollover bug

What to do

Follow the instructions at Dashboard Firmware Updates | Farm-ng Developers to update when you are ready. You can either perform an over-the-air update or a wired update.