Dashboard Firmware v0.5.0 released

:loudspeaker: Dashboard Firmware v0.5.0 Release

:rocket: We have released an Dashboard Firmware v0.5.0 update, the application layer of the vehicle controller interface for the Farm-ng Amiga platform.

What’s Changed

Added Features

  • Remote dashboard configuration settings READ/WRITE/STORE protocol supported
  • PTO control panel now allows two PTOs to be controlled
  • Wheel unlock is available in e-stop state to allow tractor movement
  • Kartech and wired pendant now supported together
  • Bumpers now fully supported, cause e-stop when triggered
  • Soft-pendant supports button presses

Improvements / Bug Fixes

  • When BRAKE is pressed all actuators stopped
  • Improved PTO control switching between manual (pendant) and auto (remote)
  • Actuator auto (remote) control included in AmigaTpdo1 state
  • Performance improvements and memory usage reduction


  • Enable much faster updates
  • Install image size for dashboard and updator reduced by about 50%

What to do

Follow the instructions at Dashboard Firmware Updates | Farm-ng Developers to update when you are ready. You can either perform an over-the-air update or a wired update.