Trouble connecting to the amiga Bot via the ROS bridge

I was able to setup the computer so that the ROS master was the Amiga robot and during the video I recall someone opening a new terminal to connect to the robot and control it through the pc or receive the values. I opened a secondary terminal and followed the sets but set the ROS_IP to be the IP address of the computer I am on but when that terminal connects it immediately terminates the connection. Is this due to me using the same computer that I used to setup the ROS master terminal for or is there a step I am missing?


Which method are you trying to run, 1 or 2?


Usage options

There are currently 3 methods for using the amiga_ros_bridge:

  1. Running the amiga_ros_bridge (and ROS master) on the Amiga, with other ROS nodes on your PC connected to the Amiga ROS master
  • Look for sections tagged as [Method 1]
  1. Running the amiga_ros_bridge (and ROS master) on your PC, connected to the Amiga canbus service over gRPC
  • Look for sections tagged as [Method 2]
  1. Running the amiga_ros_bridge (and ROS master) on your PC, using the mock server
  • Look for sections tagged as [Method 3]

Since you set the ROS_MASTER_URI & ROS_IP I assume you you are trying method 1.
However, your screenshot looks like you are launching the ROS bridge node from your PC.

You only need one ROS bridge running. So if it is running on the amiga (method 1), you can just connect to that ROS node using the topics and not run another ROS bridge.

If you are trying method 2, with the ROS bridge running on the PC and not on the Amiga, then you do not need to set the ROS_MASTER_URI & ROS_IP. You do however, need to set the host IP address for the ROS bridge to find the canbus service on the network. See this section: GitHub - farm-ng/amiga-ros-bridge: ROS bridge for the farm-ng Amiga platform

– Kyle

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Hi, Kyle.
Thank you for the illustration! It works!
However, when we use our PC to access ROS bridge, we are unable to see these four items.

On the contrary, we only see two of them.
Is there a step I am missing?

What I can differentiate ours from live stream is that there are two more lines at the bottom.

Did it make any difference on rostopic?

Thank you in advance!

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Yes it looks like the ROS bridge is no longer running. What is the state of the canbus service during all of this?

– Kyle

Hi, Kyle!
Hope you had a great weekend.

I am not sure how to check the state of the canbus service.
What did you mean by it? Could you please give us some instructions on that? We really need your guide. Thanks a lot.


Hi Luna,

Please see this thread in which we went through the ros bridge debug steps in detail:

– Kyle

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Hi all,

Luna and I worked together to upgrade the Amiga in question to AmigaOS v1.2.2+ and the dashboard to v0.1.9+

As mentioned in: Amiga not responding to rqt_robot_steering - #18 by kylecoble :

in order to have the ROS bridge functioning, you’ll need to have all of the following up to the following minimum versions:

For more details, see:

Please let us know if anyone else has trouble with these upgrades.

– Kyle