Are there images of recovery media for the Brain OS?

  • What package and version are you using ?
    Brain fw v1.3.0

  • Please, describe the issues you are seeing ?
    I may modify the Brain OS which potentially would put the OS in an inoperable or undesirable state. When I do something like this I typically back up the OS medium. I was thinking about simply attaching an external drive via USB and using DD to image the drive. Before I do that, I wanted to ask if recovery media already exists or what your standard operating procedure is for this type of scenario. Thanks.

** Any possible information will make the live of the community members easy to reply and provide a solution.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @anb , if you put the brain in an inoperable state the current recovery method would be a remote deployment of the stable containers by a farm-ng engineer.

If you get into this state, you can reach out to us and we will schedule a time to support the recovery.

ā€“ Kyle