Running AmigaOS Software on External Computer


I’m currently working on a large gantry attachment for the Amiga. For incorporating it into an Amiga Brain App, it would be helpful to run the AmigaOS software on an external computer during development so I don’t have to have the gantry attached to the Amiga at all times and I can leave the Amiga free for other projects.

Is it possible to run the AmigaOS software on an external computer, or is it too interconnected with the Dashboard and other CAN devices? Would it be possible to set up an external CAN network and spoof some of these connections to get it to work?


Hello @vilo159 ,

It is possible to run the brain on it’s own, without the CAN network / dashboard / other CAN devices, but running the AmigaOS software on an external computer is not supported.

You could potentially remove the brain from the Amiga and mount it by the gantry to allow the base platform to be used for other tasks while you develop. If you’d like to go down this route, we can provide details of how you could power the brain in this situation.

I hope this helps,
– Kyle