Brain V2 RTK Questions

Hi there,

I’ll be using RTK on the Brain V2 soon and I have a couple of questions I couldn’t find answers to in the documentation.

  • What’s the suggested solution to get an RTCM3/NTRIP correction stream to the V2 Brain’s integrated RTK GPS?
  • Does the V2 brain have a built-in long-range radio, or does Farm-NG offer/have plans to offer one?
  • Are there any docs/libraries for the RTK chip written yet you could link me to, or is there an ETA for when they might be available?
  • What’s the integrated RTK chip is and how is it connected to the Xaviar?


Hi @DomC, thanks for reaching out.

Here are some thoughts:

  1. If I understand correctly, you want to know how to get differential correction data over the Internet. If this is indeed your question, all you need to do is set up your NTRIP caster profile using the GPS app on the brain (screenshot below):

  1. No, the V2 Brain does not currently have a built-in long-range radio. At present, we only support WiFi connectivity. However, we have explored and prototyped with technologies like LoRa and Halow. While we don’t have a set timeline for integrating these technologies, Halow (long-range WiFi) is under consideration due to its advantages of extended range, decent bandwidth, and compatibility with existing networks.
    If you have a specific use-case that necessitates long-range communication, we’re open to discussing it. Bringing it to our attention might influence our engineering and product teams to prioritize and accelerate the development and support for such features.

  2. Yes, we have currently updated our website to include more information about the sensors we have on the Amiga and how to use them. Here are two useful links regarding our GPS RTK module:

  1. Our RTK module is the ZED-F9P-02B (you will find its datasheet in the first link I posted above). It is connected to the Xavier via USB.