Decoding camera logs *.bin has missing frames

Hi there!
Tried recording a long video with the bot and it seems to have instead made multiple .bin files (instead of one very big .bin file). After decoding a few of them (using: farm-ng-amiga/py/examples/file_converter at main · farm-ng/farm-ng-amiga · GitHub), it seems like a few frames are missing. Its also extremely tedious trying to stitch them all together. Is there a recommended way of either recording a long video or doing the decoding (with minimal frames drops) and joining the .bin files? Also can the fps value the camera app records at be shared?

Hi @Anand ,
We apologize that you are experiencing this issue. We’ve received your message and have opened a ticket for your request. We will give you an update soon.

>_ The Amiga ADK team

Hi @Anand

  1. You can change the max file size in the recorder app under settings (see attached screenshot). This dictates the size of chunks the file is divided into, and defaults to 500 MB. You can set it to 0 to disable the file splitting feature.

  2. The default FPS in the recorder app is 10 frames per second.

  3. We do not have a utility for stitching files yet, but you could make a feature request as described here: Support | Farm-ng Developers

  4. Can you expand / clarify on the dropped frames? To what extent is this occurring? Is it throughout the logs or only on the transitions?

— Kyle

Hi there! Thanks so much for the help and information! A quick follow up, is there a limit to the max file size or can we specify an arbitrarily large value so that it doesn’t make batches? Also yes we lose frames during the transitions (in between the batches), for example 001_oak0.mp4 wouldn’t start exactly where 000_oak0.mp4 would end at.

Hi @Anand

Ok good to know. I edited the response above, but a value of 0 should completely eliminate the file splitting behavior.

For max file size, the only known constraint would likely be the capacity of the SSD on the brain. But filling that would be an issue regardless of if the files are splitting.

I’ll have the dropped frames between logs issue noted.

  • Kyle

Hi there!
Awesome! Thanks so much for all the help!