Image Quality Problem


We are running into image quality issues after extracting them from the binary file. I have attached a sample.

Is this problem related to how the image is being compressed and saved into memory? Or do I need to tune some parameter during the extraction process?

Let me know what we can do!

Hey Earl,

I talked with @patrick about it and we are staring a feature request to be able to select recording quality. In the meantime, have you tried tuning ISO an exposure on the camera settings? Would you be able to share what went well and what didn’t?


Yes we did play around with ISO and exposure. Setting it to auto seemed to work the best. But the artifacts in the image are still present.

They are less noticeable now that the plants are larger but we are quite interested with higher quality images in the early season of plant growth.

The first image I showed was with a lower ISO and higher exposure. We have a semi-translucent cover over the amiga to prevent hard contrasts with the shadows. Initially, the image looked pretty dark until we played with some of the image capture settings. That may have been the reason why there were some blur in the images.

I’ll attach an example image that we took recently using “auto” settings.

Yes, this looks better indeed. Thanks for sharing.

The barriers seems to help also. But I agree with you, we want to give the flexibility to the users to tune the image decoding. I consulted with @patrick and we opened a feature request for this. We don’t have an ETA yet, but we will let you know when ready.

Thanks for your feedback!