Difficulties Installing Brain ADK

I am trying to follow the tutorial to install the Brain ADK (Brain ADK Install | Farm-ng Developers) and am running into trouble installing the packages with pip. I ran the “sudo apt install python3-pip” command on the Ubuntu command window and it was unable to install pip, preventing me from moving further.

Firstly, is the linked tutorial to the ADK necessary to go through to use the Developing Custom Applications tutorial (Developing Custom Applications | Farm-ng Developers)? And if so, is the error I am facing able to be overcome through a different command window? I downloaded Python and it did not have the pip feature either.

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Hey. Can you say what operating system you’re on? Also can you copy and paste the error that you’re getting when you try the command ?

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I am tried using the Ubuntu command window and VSCode. Here is a screenshot of the error I am getting on Ubuntu with the outcome of the “sudo apt install python3-pip” command preceding the pip command.

Quick update: I appended “-- fix-missing” to the end of the sudo command and it seems to have worked. :+1: . My next problem is that the system does not seem to recognize the term “venv” in the following steps:

Additionally, from a conceptual side, I am a little confused by how the APK installation links to the SPK tutorial which links to developing custom applications. I have a limited understanding of virtual environments, so is it just that the APK installation creates the environment that the custom codes are written in?

Hi Carlflyons,

Okay that’s awesome. I’m glad everything worked well. I’m looking at the screenshot you sent and it seems like your Syntax error is coming from your python3 - m venv venv. The command should be python3 -m venv venv. Without any spaces between the dash and ‘m’.

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@Jerrycowell96 I noticed a problem with the current documentation with “clone the repository” under Brain ADK installation. The git clone command requires ownership with the formatting but if you just use the url it does not throw an error like under “developing a custom application”.

Oh wow! Thanks Zach. That’s a great find. I’ll update that in our docs to help out other students!