Estimated Maintenance

Hello! Alex from UC Merced; I was wondering what level of maintenance the Amiga requires if it were used indefinitely. I am wondering things along the lines of: how often do motors go bad, do any components warp overtime, do the wheels require lubrication (how often?), and so forth.

Great questions Alex. The Amiga hasn’t been in existence quite long enough for us to answer this question accurately and could be a good research topic.

The motors are similar to geared hub motors used in ebikes and wheel barrows and as long as not overloaded (150kg per axle) or over current or submerged in water should be relatively maintenance free. We have over temp protection enabled in the motor controllers which prevents the motors from over heating (and we currently have conservative temperature limits set as we have not had time yet to do destructive testing of the motors). If the motors do become damaged they are relatively easy to replace and we have a good stock of spare parts.

A great video produced by Grin on this motor is available here: Intro to the Bafang Electric Wheelbarrow Motor - YouTube

We recommend storing the vehicle out of the rain, and keeping it clean.

Batteries will degrade after several hundred charge cycles, and should be maintained similar to any e-bike battery.

@TravisT may have more recommended maintenance tips.