HelloMainLoop no longer working


I have had the HelloMainLoop example working just fine but recently another one of my classmates said they had a phone call with the farm-ng development team and had the Amiga updated. Now that the Amiga is updated there is a visible change to the UI and my HelloMainLoop is no longer working. I used to be able to set up Putty and get the speed rate and angular speed rates to show up and it would prompt me to press space to set the amiga into active mode. As of now, when I load Putty it tells me that the CAN bus is receiving but it no longer allows me to change the robot into active mode.

Hello @Tristen2001,

Can you please confirm that you have v0.1.9 installed on your dashboard (settings > id page) ? Additionally, can you confirm that you have the latest version of the examples installed?

I just tested on dashboard version v0.1.9 with the latest lib/ and hello_main_loop from the main branch of amiga-dev-kit installed on the feather, and saw the expected behavior. After setting the dashboard into AUTO READY on the auto page, I am able to toggle into AUTO ACTIVE with the spacebar and use WASD keys for driving the Amiga.

The spacebar for toggling from AUTO READY into AUTO ACTIVE does not respond every time because of the USB CDC console (this is just a dummy example for showing how to read / send the can packets for Amiga control), but works within a few tries. If you’d like to skip the spacebar part, you can just hardcode self.request_state = AmigaControlState.STATE_AUTO_ACTIVE in the constructor and comment out the toggle in parse_wasd_cmd and in _handle_amiga_tpdo1. This should set the amiga immediately into AUTO ACTIVE anytime auto control is enabled.

Let me know how it goes / if you need help accessing the latest versions.

– Kyle