How can I add DepthAI code and my own functions onto my OAK?


I am looking to better use the OAK camera functionality using DepthAI. Is there a way to add code to the OAK cameras through the Amiga to use Luxonis’s libraries? And if not is there a workaround where I could code the OAKs through the PoE and send its data to the Amiga Brain?

The task I have for the OAK cameras is to determine the location of a colored object. In the future, there are more things I want to do with the OAK cameras and I would love to be able to better utilize their capabilities.

Hello @nathan45654 ,

In order to use the advanced DepthAI functionality, you can interact with the Oak cameras directly using the luxonis API.

You can turn off the camera service from your launcher and access / manage the cameras from the command line or from your own scripts following the instructions at:

Turning off the farm-ng camera service is important if you are going to do this as the Oak cameras can only be accessed / managed by one process at a time.

Good luck with your projects!