How do I get the AmigaOS version?

From the terminal, is there a way to find the AmigaOS version?
As an aside, when is AmigaOS v2.0 expected to be released? How can I get access to the pre-release?

Hello @genkikondo ,

There is not a method to query the OS version from the terminal (though this would be a nice feature to add in the 2.0+ releases).

For brains running Amiga OS v1.1 - v1.3, you can check the version on the System Updates tab on the settings page. If you do not have a System Updates tab, then you have the very first release v1.0.

– Kyle

A stable AmigaOS v2.0 release is targeted for Nov. 8

For access to AmigaOS v2.0, there is a physical re-flash of the jetson that must be conducted by a farm-ng employee. Following that re-flash, access to incremental updates will be automatic.

@Gui will be in touch about logistics for this upgrade.

– Kyle

Hi @genkikondo,

Following up on Kyle’s note: we’re still on physical upgrades only. Let’s set yours up. Please share your email so I can reach out privately for your address and other details.


Thank you @kylecoble @Gui. Just to avoid my email floating around in public, I’ve reached out to to coordinate a reflash.