Is there any plan for ROS support

Is there any plan for supporting ROS based development? If yes, do you know when it will be available?


hi @srini ! We don’t have ROS support yet but we’ll be pretty happy to do so under a amiga_ros_bridge repository or similar. I guess since ROS is a large dependency, we should first target a specific version of ROS to target this support. @chris can give also some instructions about how to upgrade with the dependencies.

For ROS 1, since the brain is loaded with Ubuntu 18 then the only compatible ROS version would be Melodic. So I would say that version should be targeted.

@shrijits The initial plan is to provide a container with Ubuntu 20.04 + ROS2 container. We target to release something like farm-ng-ros-bridge by next week, so we’ll make an update soon.

Hi all,

We made some good progress on experimental ROS support. We plan to release a small ROS bridge as a static binary to bridge the Amiga gRPC service to corresponding ROS publisher/service. To begin with, we are targeting ROS1. We aim to support ROS noetic through a 20.04 docker image (but might need to fall back to melodic if we run into unexpected issues).
The initial version will purely focus on sending of (linear, angular) velocity commands and as well as a streaming API for (linear, angular) velocity states.

This Friday, March 10, we plan to make the corresponding github repository public and to share this highly experimental prototype with the community for feedback. We don’t know yet when the bridge will be fully functional, not to mention a stable API.

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Hi all,

The experimental ROS bridge is ready for you to start using on your development stations (your laptop or desktop computer) with ROS Noetic installed. The current state is that you will manually launch a mock Amiga canbus service that echos back the commands you sent as measured values.

Current usage instructions are to publish Twist commands on the /amiga/cmd_vel topic to drive the Amiga and subscribe to TwistStamped measured rates on the /amiga/vel topic. Full instructions are available in the amiga-ros-bridge README.

This is still experimental and evolving, so keep an eye on the amiga-ros-bridge README for the latest instructions / details.

Coming later this week: A docker container with the ROS bridge running on the Amiga brain so you can actually drive your Amiga (to replace the mock service).

Let us know here what questions you have.

– Kyle

The ROS container is now available: ROS Noetic & Pytorch Container Now Available

Short instructions: SSH to the Amiga and run the following curl command:

curl -v

Live Stream reviewing the ROS Bridge is available here: Redirecting

– Chris

Earlier in the thread there was talk of supporting ros2 as well. Is this still planned?
Thanks for the help!

Hello @rvinson,

There is no immediate plan for ROS2 support. Is this question exploratory or a more definite need for your development?

– Kyle

It’s more exploratory, we have a ros2 project build in foxy and we where hoping to integrate with a farm-ng platform. I believe we still have a path using ros1_bridge, it just adds a bit more complexity I was hoping to not need to add to the scope.

OK, understood. You should plan on the ros1_bridge for the time being. If anything changes, we will be sure to update here.

– Kyle