Specs for over the row kit

Do you have any specs/cad/load rating or additional information about the row kit w/suspension? Thanks!


Hi @Ingrid_Coughlin,

I believe I shared the folder with the CAD drawings of our main components (namely forks, dashboard, pendant). We don’t have final assemblies of the machine because each use case requires different configurations of the bars and modular clamps.

Hi, Thanks yes I got that. Would it be possible to get a generic cad of any version of the entire rover + fitted OTR kit w/suspension?

I dont think we have those, but i will put in a feature request to have our engineering team to make those and make available on the shared folder.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey Marcelo,
No worries, and thanks for putting that request through! We’re planning on buying quite a few more of the OTRs + rovers to deploy across Australia. Also we’re on a bit of a time crunch to get our prototype together before we make more purchases, so any help you can give to speed up our prototype development would be super appreciated!